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Sydney Conveyancing Tips – Can You Save Money Using a Conveyancer?

Sydney conveyancers will save you time and money

After weeks of scouring listings and visiting a seemingly endless stream of open houses, you’ve finally found your ideal property. It’s close to schools and shops, public transport, and even has a yard for the family pooch. You still have a lot of paperwork to get through, which a Sydney conveyancing service can help with, but do you need a conveyancer, and can they save you money?

What is a Sydney conveyancer?

A Sydney conveyancer facilitates the transfer of property ownership from the seller to the new owner. It’s a complex process over three stages: pre-contract, pre-completion, and post-completion.

A conveyancer will do all the necessary research and leg work and keep you apprised of important dates. They will also work with the seller’s lawyers to ensure everything is in order and you don’t miss any critical details that could derail the negotiation.

Sydney Conveyancer

Do you need a conveyancer?

The short answer is no; it’s not a legal requirement to use a conveyancer when purchasing a property because you can fill out all the forms yourself. However, it’s very easy to come undone should some small detail be missed.

When it comes to property purchases, there are a lot of elements to be aware of, any one of which can cause you to lose your property and your deposit if you don’t get all your paperwork in order or miss an important deadline.

Can a Sydney conveyancing service save you money?

A solicitor can do your conveyancing for you, but there are many reasons why a conveyancer may be preferable. A conveyancer usually charges a set fee, so you know what your costs will be upfront. Plus, their rates are significantly less than the average solicitor.

Conveyancers deal exclusively with property deals, while solicitors deal with more legal issues than property. Should you have any questions about your purchase, a solicitor will be much harder to pin down at a time that’s convenient for you. You will likely need to make an appointment, which will add to your costs.

On the other hand, a Sydney conveyancer focuses on just a few clients at a time, making them more available for questions and advice, and they will not add your telephone call to your invoice as billable hours.

Conveyancers come at a cost, but as we discussed, conveyancing is not the easiest of tasks for a home buyer with a full-time job and a family. One small mistake can cost you significant sums of money.

Need help in buying a house in Sydney or anywhere in NSW?

You can make the whole process go a lot smoother by working with an established Sydney conveyancing service. Platinum Conveyancing Services will always put your interests first and won’t add any hidden surprises. We also offer FREE contract reviews in order to alert you of potential property issues before you commit. We welcome you to contact us today.

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