Buying a home in NSW

Buying a Home in NSW – Should I do a Property Inspection in NSW?

Property inspection is an integral part of buying a home

You’ve found what appears to be the perfect property. The yard is excellent, there’s a lockup garage, and the inside is spacious and comfortable. You are excited to move in, but appearances can be deceiving. Many areas of a home can harbour severe damage out of sight. Don’t get trapped with a property that’s about to fall down around your ears. Keep your investment safe with a property inspection in NSW.

What happens during a building inspection

A qualified building inspector will perform a thorough visual inspection of the property you intend to buy. Building inspectors will see things the average home buyer will miss because they understand what to look out for.

They will examine the physical condition of the building because without this, it’s challenging to know what you will end up with once the finance has gone through.

Standard tools of the trade for building inspectors include ladders, torches and other devices to root out problems hiding behind walls or conditions that could become problems later on. Some of the issues they will look out for include moisture and mould problems, wood rot, pests, and damaged roofing.

Inspectors can’t go around ripping off wall panels, so they are limited to what they can see. However, they are experts at spotting clues that could indicate underlying structural problems.

Home inspection NSW

Pests and termites

While a rodent infestation may not be such a big deal, it’s still good to know about it in advance. However, a termite problem could mean significant structural damage hidden out of sight. Many building inspectors will carry specialised tools to detect pest activity inside wall cavities without removing wall panels.

When you are armed with the knowledge a building inspection provides, you can accurately assess whether the property is worth your offer or whether you should renegotiate the price or walk away altogether.

When to get a building inspection in NSW

Pests and building inspections are part of a buyer’s due diligence but are not a legal requirement, so look for a qualified building inspection service with an excellent reputation to review your property. They must comply with the Australian inspection standards, but it’s also a good idea to choose one who is also a member of Master Builders Australia.  Check the Fair Trading website for more details.

Potential buyers should get a property inspection completed before signing a contract. A professional Sydney conveyancing service will ensure your potential new home is subject to a building and pest inspection before settlement for your peace of mind.

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