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Looking for a conveyancer on the Central Coast NSW?

We have 15 years of local area experience.

Platinum Conveyancing Services is a specialist property  conveyancer servicing the Central Coast and all NSW. We have helped numerous residents and businesses with their property transactions with trust, care and expertise.

We have an extensive array of conveyancing services across the Central Coast related to buying and selling a property, property transfer ownership, property contract review, consultation, and many more.

We do all the leg work, making the process quick, stress-free, and safe for you. Give us a call today and let’s discuss how we can help you.

Clients choose us because we know what matters

Affordability matters

Offering a fixed priced system means you can get your property transaction started with peace of mind. We also offer FREE contract reviews so you can make the right decisions quickly.

24/7 availability matters

Delays can make or break your deal, especially with auctions. You’ll be personally dealing with Joanne from start to end and provided direct access to call after-hours and on weekend.

100% deadline driven

You won’t need to deal with the banks, realtors or mortgage brokers alone as Joanne with act as your key communicate partner with all parties to ensure all deadlines are met.

My job is to protect your interest

Meet licensed conveyancer & JP, Joanne Azar

Buying or selling a property can be overwhelming and in over 15 years I have seen the mistakes and heartache. From missing out on buying the property you want, to stress caused by delays with banks and various parties, I’ve come to know what MATTERS in such a personal and critical life milestone.

And that’s why, we’ve developed a system for clients that instantly addresses the risks and concerns that occur so often.

Most importantly, I know excellent communication and property expertise matter.

For this reason, I only specialise in conveyancing and property services, and I have kept my business personal and boutique. You’ll be dealing with me directly from start to end.

Each property transaction is different which is why I always offer a FREE no-obligation consultation ( online or face- to- face) to help you understand where you stand and what you need. I welcome you to contact me today.

Sydney Conveyancing

Our Central Coast NSW conveyancing services

Central Coast Conveyancing

Are you buying a property on the Central Coast NSW?

Platinum Conveyancing Services will assist you from start to end, including:

  • Contract of Sale review, advice, negotiations and amendments.
  • Coordination with your mortgage broker and/or financial institution to ensure your loan is approved and settled on time.
  • Organising any reports such as pest, building, survey and strata.
  • And much more. Call us for a FREE contract review and/or phone consultation if you are planning to, or in the process of buying a property.

Are you selling a property on the Central Coast NSW?

We can help you do it with care and expertise. Our services include:

  • Review of Contract of Sale, ensuring your interests are protected.
  • Liaising with your bank and/or mortgage broker.
  • Assistance with negotiations and contract signing.
  • FREE contract reviews and sound advice and guidance from start to end.
conveyancer in Hills District

Are you transferring a property anywhere on the Central Coast or NSW?

Do you have a property that you wish to transfer to your child, spouse or other family members? Platinum Conveyancing Services can help you with:

  • The process of transferring the mortgage by coordinating with your financial institution.
  • Property stamp duties process.
  • Preparation and review all legal documentation, as required.
  • And much more. Contact us for a FREE consultation today about transferring your property in NSW.

Words from our happy clients

I have dealt with Joanne Azar for a number of years now. Her service and integrity is at the highest level. I strongly recommend Joanne for all your conveyancing service.

Joanne’s services to my clientele and to our business has always been of a high professional standard. I truly do value her companies efficiency as it makes our job easier. I know that once i send the contract to her office at Platinum then the matter is in good hands.

Joanne’s attention to detail and her straight forward attitude highlight her huge depth of knowledge of the Conveyancing Act. Time and time again, Joanne has exceeded my expectations, when dealing with not only myself, but also with my clients.

We help homeowners, builders,
real estate agents and developers across the Central Coast NSW

Residential & Commercial conveyancing

Real estate training & education

Off- the- plan sales & purchases

Transfer of ownership

Contract review & consultation

We can help you with all your conveyancing services across the in Central Coast and NSW

Useful local area property and council information links

YES we offer FREE no- obligation contract reviews and are available on Saturday.

Don’t risk it. Book your FREE no-obligation
phone consultation or contract review today.

We know what matters when it comes to buying or selling a property on the Central Coast or anywhere in NSW. There are few ways you can get in touch to book a free review, discuss your options or get the latest legal advice.
Don’t delay and let’s talk today.

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