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Conveyancing Sydney – Tips to Finding a Licensed Conveyancer

A Sydney conveyancer must be licensed!

A Sydney conveyancing service specialises in handling the legal requirements and process for buying or selling property in NSW.

Holding a NSW conveyancer’s licence requires a commitment to continued learning, a qualification from a recognised course, and professional indemnity insurance.

Use the following tips to ensure you work with a licensed Sydney conveyancer on your next property deal.

Benefits of using a licensed Sydney conveyancing  professional

Some people prefer to do their own conveyancing, but the process is complex and riddled with challenges.

If you miss a deadline or fail to understand a contract, your next property transaction could end up costing you much more than doing your own conveyancing could save you. A licensed Sydney conveyancing service will help smooth the process and most importantly make you aware of potential property issues like easements or caveats.

Solicitors are legal professionals who can also handle property transactions. Because they deal with multiple clients over a range of legal issues they may be more general in advice than say a specialist licensed conveyancer that is working on property transactions day in and out.

Conveyancing Sydney

Tips to finding a good licensed conveyancer in Sydney

As with most professions, skills and professionalism vary with each conveyancing business. So, how do you know you are working with the best when searching for a reliable and licensed conveyancing service in Sydney?

If you trust your real estate agent, they are a great resource for recommendations for conveyancers in your local Sydney area. Don’t forget to try friends and family who may have sold a property recently.

Check that the conveyancers on your shortlist are registered with the Australian Institute of Conveyancers. This organisation requires its members to act with a high degree of professionalism, making it more difficult to go wrong with your final choice.

Read reviews on online directories and check out Facebook groups. You can ask the members of these pages for recommendations based on their experiences.

Find out how a conveyancer gets paid. Some will charge an hourly rate, so it can be challenging to know what your final invoice will be. Others will use a fixed rate per transaction, which means you know exactly what the service will cost.

Need help in finding a licensed conveyancer in Sydney or anywhere in NSW?

You can make the whole process go a lot smoother by working with an established Sydney conveyancing service. Platinum Conveyancing Services will always put your interests first and won’t add any hidden surprises. We also offer FREE contract reviews in order to alert you of potential property issues before you commit. We welcome you to contact us today.

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