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Choosing the right Inner West suburbs for you

Whether investing or purchasing a new home to put down roots, knowing where to park your money in real estate is the first step to investing confidently.

As Sydney property conveyancers, we have first-hand knowledge about where the developing hot spots are, where property buyers are most likely to experience capital gains, and the best places to raise a family. Here’s our take on the best suburbs in Sydney’s Inner West.

Why invest in the Inner West

The inner west offers plenty of opportunities for building a life or investing in your future. Most of the features that make the area attractive for homeowners also translate into great reasons to consider purchasing your next rental property here.

Close to the CBD: When you work in the CBD, property prices in the heart of the city could be out of your price range. However, the Inner West is just a few minutes by car or public transport, and you can still get affordable properties with enough room to raise a family without having to endure a long commute.

Tons of culture: People from all over flock to the Inner West on their days off to enjoy the culture, vibrant arts, green spaces, and culinary variety. All of these wonderful experiences can be right outside your doorstep.

Strong capital growth: The Inner West has always shown exceptional capital growth over time, and there’s no reason to see that changing any time soon.

Diverse housing options: From modern architecture and roomy townhouses to picturesque Victorian-era terrace homes, the Inner West has something for every type of owner and investor.

Our favourite Inner West suburbs

Newtown: Newtown is famous for its Bohemian charm and offers a dynamic lifestyle and vibrant retail scene. It’s close to the University of Sydney and has an abundance of nightlife, making it a prime location for students and young professionals.

Balmain: This historic suburb offers tons of charm and beautiful waterside views. There’s no shortage of excellent schools for families, and the quiet village atmosphere is perfect for those who like to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life without sacrificing its many conveniences.

Marrickville: This Inner West suburb buzzes with multicultural ambience, vibrant food markets, and a thriving art scene. Investors and home buyers will find no shortage of traditional homes or modern apartments to choose from for their next property purchase.

Rozelle: This beautiful suburb is just a stone’s throw from Balmain and inherits much of that area’s charm. The tree-lined streets belie its close proximity to the city, and the area is bursting with historic architecture. Many will consider it a worthwhile investment choice because of its many green areas and parkland right beside the water.

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