Finding the Best Conveyancers in Sydney: Read This First

Tips in finding the best conveyancers in Sydney

It takes a team of professionals to buy or sell real estate, and building a good team is critical to ensuring everything goes smoothly. One member of your group who can provide immense value when you find a good one is your conveyancer.

Read on to learn how you can find the best Sydney conveyancer.

Decide if you need a Sydney conveyancer

Solicitors are a popular choice for many real estate transactions, but they may be overkill in some cases. It’s not always required to have a law degree to conveyance a property deal, which is why a specialist conveyancer who is not also a solicitor can save you a lot of money in fees.

A good conveyancer is more than capable of handling a straightforward real estate transaction. However, if there are complications, as is often the case in large or commercial deals, then a solicitor might be your best option because of their legal expertise.

How to find the best Sydney conveyancing service

Start with your friends and family. If anybody you know has bought or sold real estate recently in Sydney, then ask them how satisfied they were with their conveyancing service.

If people you know aren’t forthcoming, then you can always check with your real estate agent about who they recommend.

An online search makes things a little more challenging, but the Australian Institute of Conveyancers provides an excellent resource for people looking for a quality Sydney conveyancer.

Treat your first meeting like a job interview

You will be paying a conveyancer for their services, and not all will be worth the fees they are charging.

No doubt you sat down with quite a few real estate agents to ask them questions and get a feel for their level of professionalism and experience before deciding to work with them. You should use the same process with your conveyancer.

Questions you should ask a Sydney conveyancer

  • What are the timeframes for settlement day? This is critical information to know for scheduling with third parties like removalists and cleaners.
  • What will be the frequency of communication, and how?
  • Are you available on Saturdays, in-case I need you for an auction?
  • Ask about fees and charges and make sure there are no hidden costs.
  • Do they specialise in any types of properties? You want to know they have experience in the types of real estate deals you are involved with.
  • Do they have current membership in the Australian Institute of Conveyancers?

Once you have found a Sydney conveyancer you would be happy to work with, don’t forget the final step: performing a background check to see if they are legal and there are no complaints about their service. To be a Sydney conveyancer requires compliance to high Australian standards. Complaints are rare, so this check is mostly about being safe and covering all your bases.

Need help with Sydney conveyancing?

Joanne Azar is a Sydney-based conveyancer. Whether you are buying, selling or transferring a property she can help you do it with care and expertise. Why not contact Joanne today?

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