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Sydney Conveyancing Tips – eConveyancing is Being Rolled Out

E-conveyancing is here

Working with a Sydney conveyancing service is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to ensure you don’t miss any important details when purchasing your new home. Like most things in modern society, Sydney conveyancing is getting the digital treatment, affording buyers and sellers more convenience when buying and selling property.

What is eConveyancing?

eConveyancing is the term used for electronic conveyancing, which converts many conveyancing processes into online transactions. It offers more security and accuracy during each stage of a conveyancing transaction and replaces much of the paper shuffling and requirements for physical meetings.

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Benefits of eConveyancing

The NSW government is getting behind eConveyancing in a big way, so we can reasonably expect to see more Sydney conveyancing completed using this method in the future. It offers a lot of benefits over the traditional ‘analog’ way of doing things, including:

Immediate confirmation

Buyers and sellers will immediately get confirmation of the transaction once it’s complete and notified of any issues. This means you and your Syndey conveyancer can get to sorting out any problems right away.

Fewer visits to the office

Most of us have hectic lives, and it can be challenging to align your free time with the appointment schedule of your Sydney conveyancer. eConveyancing means you can authorize your conveyancer to sign any documents on your behalf without the inconvenience of a trip to the office.

Fewer costs

When econveyancing becomes the primary mode of conveyancing, we fully expect the overall costs of the service to come down, simply because of the reduction in manual paperwork. These savings can be passed on to the seller or purchaser.

Of course, you will still need to work with a professional Sydney conveyancing service to ensure your property transaction goes through without a hitch. If you would like to learn more about econveyancing and how to take advantage of it, call Platinum Conveyancing today, and take the stress out of buying and selling property.

Need help in buying a house in NSW?

You can make the whole process go a lot smoother by working with an established Sydney conveyancing service. Platinum Conveyancing Services will always put your interests first and won’t add any hidden surprises. We also offer FREE contract reviews in order to alert you of potential property issues before you commit. We welcome you contact us today.

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