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Sydney Conveyancing Tips – 5 Best Suburbs to Buy in Penrith

Top suburbs in Penrith

Penrith is Sydney’s fastest-growing city centre and is expected to have a catchment population of more than 1 million people by 2031. Major employment hubs, a growing education and healthcare sector, $3 billion in pipeline projects, and a regional city centre all add to the appeal of this vibrant location. As a Sydney conveyancing service with decades of experience making buying a new home a stress-free experience, we think these areas around Penrith are worthy of consideration.

1.Glenmore Park

Glenmore Park is Penrith City’s largest suburb and is expanding rapidly with new housing developments. The area’s planning has been carefully orchestrated to ensure it remains an accessible social, recreational, and economic hub for current and new residents.

Educational opportunities are available from the private and public education sectors, and there are plenty of parks, bike tracks, and shopping available for families and professionals.

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2. Glenbrook

Glenbrook has grown from a lesser-known suburb to an up-and-coming trendy location. People desiring a tree change are flocking to Glenbrook, and it has only become more popular since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Properties around Glenbrook range from small weatherboard cottages to modern architectural designs. The area has private and public schools, and most shopping needs are taken care of by nearby Ross Street shopping village. Park Street is accessible by train. Residents enjoy local access to a butcher, deli, florist, cinema, bookshop, along with many trendy cafes and restaurants.

3. Jordan Springs

Penrith’s Jordan Springs is a quiet suburb nestled on the western side of Wianamatta Regional Park. Around 17 ha of open space has been set aside for parks and outdoor recreation, including BBQ areas and playgrounds. The Jordan Springs town centre is open and ready to take care of all your shopping needs and includes Woolworths, a medical centre, restaurants, cafes, and 18 specialty shops. The area is also well serviced by schools, with a new primary school opening in 2020. Penrith station is just a short drive away, making the Sydney CBD accessible.

4. Thornton

Thornton is a fast-growing community on the edge of Penrith with lots of planned infrastructure to offer families a modern lifestyle. There are an excellent range of dining choices, childcare services, retail centres, and a modern medical centre. The Stage 4 development is underway and promises even more retail and residential options.

5. Werrington

Werrington is a homely county that delivers a relaxed lifestyle while providing everything residents could ever need, including shopping, restaurants, and specialty shops. There are parks, wide roads, and plenty of public transport options. Werrington has great prospects for families with school-age children and Werrington Lakes is a picturesque park area for a relaxing afternoon with family and friends.

If you want to escape the city for a lifestyle that is a bit more laid back, then be sure to check out the many modern and beautiful locales around Penrith. Ensure you are getting the best deal and take the hassle out of buying property by only using a trusted Sydney conveyancing service.

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